Residential Solar
You can use solar power safely in your home to power anything and everything!

Make a Wise Choice for Your Home Now and Save up to 90% on your Energy Bills!

You’re perhaps all conscious of how much electricity costs have augmented over the past few years and with current news hinting that electricity costs may soon rise again, now is a great time to get solar before the price increases hit again.

Electrical 4 Solar delivers complete residential solar systems for owners and builders who are keen to make use of solar systems for certain homes.

Why Choose Electrical 4 Solar?

  1. We deal premium excellence and efficient solar system and products that can easily withstand harsh climate conditions for periods.
  2. All our technicians are Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited and experienced in residential installations.
  3. We help you at every phase of the process right from the initial assessment till the installation phase.
  4. We assist you to choose the most suitable product package and design your PV system customised to your sun and roof conditions for your home.
  5. Easy finance option we offer attractive finance options for assisting you with purchase of our solar products. This makes it easier for you to migrate to solar power without stressing your pocket.

Selecting a residential solar system is a big decision and we try to keep things simple and easy to ensure that you pick the right system for your home. We believe your specific requirements and then determine the ideal solar system and number of panels that can produce electricity within the budget and in terms of optimal returns.

  • The process for installing residential solar panels includes:
  • Initial contact and filling of the requirements form.
  • Visit to your home to assess requirements.
  • Provide a detailed quotation with breakdown of payment.
  • After cost finalisation, we zero in the installation plan.
  • CEC-certified installers will fit the solar system at a convenient time with the relevant guarantees and registrations.






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5.0 KW SYSTEM Medium Family

Output (kwh/year): 7,500 to 7,665* Suitable for: 1-4 People

6.6 KW SYSTEM Large Family

Output (kwh/year): 9,500 to 10,500* Suitable for: 4-6 People

10.0 KW SYSTEM Small Business

Output (kwh/year): 14,900 to 15,330* Suitable for: 1-10 People​

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